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Reggie Senegal

Reggie Senegal was a high school and college track and field star. Reggie holds numerous conference titles, and is three time All-American at various distances, and a Junior Olympian. As an accomplished athlete he has taken his passion for health and fitness into the gym inspiring others to take care of their bodies through personal training and group exercise programs. As a professional trainer and devoted current amateur athlete, Reggie began to invent and create products to assist his clients and his own needs in sport. Reggie began to design fitness tools that empower individuals to transcend their limits and reach their next level of fitness. 
Reggie, a successful businessman with current profitable products including the 1Vest™ and SpiderWeb™; inventions:, Snap Laces™, is excited to bring you LEVEL 10 Group X with its flagship product the Octofit System coming out of the gate.